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Relax Center

You can enjoy the beneficial effects of the authentic Russian bath that you can find only here. Besides the toning effects on the body, the Russian bath is the best place for business and relaxation. Here you can relax after wine, chocolate or honey therapy; you can also invite your business partners over a cup of tea or any other beverage .

More about the "Russian bath"
The Russian bath is known from ancient times and it is used to maintain personal hygiene; it is also famous for its therapeutic purposes. For centuries there have been various types of baths, which pursue the same goal – inure the body and promote health. In Russia such baths have been known from ancient times. On the banks of rivers and lakes, steam baths were built across Russia. In the past, the Russian steam bath represented a rural cellar with two rooms: 1. A dressing room; (комната отдыха) 2. A room for steam treatment and bathing (парилка). The bath has a beneficial effect on the mental state: It relieves nervous tension, stress, fatigue, prevents colds and clears the skin. In the room for steam treatment and bathing, sweat together with hot steam open up the pores of the skin. In this way all the dead skin, dirt and toxins are eliminated and conditions for regeneration are created. Disease-causing microbes are killed at high temperatures. The sharp change in temperature from hot to cold increases the oxygen supply in the skin rapidly and stimulates the activity of the circulatory system.

There are preferential prices for groups of up to 10 people in the Russian bath with a special menu of salmon, herring and vodka.

Classical massage
- Partial massage/ 30 minutes /
- Full-body massage / 45 minutes /
Reflecting massage / 15 minutes /
Back massage with honey / 30 minutes /
Relaxing Massage - full / 45 minutes /
- With exotic spice massage oil
– With persimmon massage oil
Full-body chocolate massage / 60 minutes /
Full-body wine massage / 60 minutes /
Full-body scrub massage / 75 minutes /
/peeling of the whole body and classic massage/

Body treatments:
Full-body peeling
Full-body wine peeling
Wine mask
Full-body wine therapy / 90 minutes /
/peeling of the whole body, massage and mask with products containing Chianti wine and extract from red grapes/
Chocolate therapy / 75 minutes /
/ full-body peeling and chocolate massage /
Face and head procedures
Surface face peeling treatment
Face mask
Beauty massage / 20 minutes /
Head massage / 20 minutes /

Adjacent to Park Hotel Dryanovo you can enjoy the combination of fresh mountain air and hot sun rays in the newly-opened sports complex with a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool.